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Apr 28, 2005

Full Batman Begins trailer released!!

Yesterday MTV put up the full length trailer for Batman Begins. Go Here to see it in Quicktime format.

The Batman Begins 400
source: Comics Continuum

Warner Brothers is teaming up with NASCAR for the Batman Begins 400. The race that will take place at the Michigan International Speedway on June 19. Full details can be found at Comics Continuum

'The Batman' News
source: Comics Continuum

Warner Brothers has released some information on their next DVD for 'The Batman'. This disc will feature the following episodes: "The Big Chill," "The Man Who Would Be Bat" and "The Cat and The Bat."

Go Here to see the boxart

Comics Continuum also has some screen shots of an upcoming episode titled 'Pets' featuring Penguin and Man-Bat. The screenshots are Here

Dick Giordano opens up official website

Fans of Batman alumni and legend Dick Giordano will be happy to learn that he has his own website which is

Dick worked on Batman in the 70's as an inker with Neal Adams and drew several Batman stories. He also worked in the DC offices as an editor

Apr 26, 2005

Batman Begins trailer
source: MTV

MTV show TRL had Katie Holmes on as a guest. As well, they had a trailer for the film. It can be found at the following links

Don't think this is the final trailer though. Just a shortened version

Apr 25, 2005

Batman Begins Final trailer details
source: Various.

According to the website IESB, the trailer for Batman Begins will be attached to the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and Triple X 2 (or xXx: State of the Union).

A New International Batman Begins poster has been released and can be found Here

Comics Continuum is reporting that the film's soundtrack featuring the music of James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer will be released on June 14

Apr 22, 2005

Various Batman Begins newsbytes
source: is reporting that Warner Brothers has moved the release date of Batman Begins to June 15. Two days earlier from its original date. It will now go head to head with Fox's Mr and Mrs Smith.

Security software maker Symantec is having a promotion where they are giving away two passes to the U.S premiere of Batman Begins and other prizes.

Some behind the scenes pictures of Batman Begins can be found at, A four page EW article on Batman Begins has been posted on the BOF forum and a Batman Begins screensaver is available at the official Latin Batman Begins Site at the

Apr 19, 2005

Eight minute preview of Batman Begins to be aired on WB
source: WB

The Season finale of Smallville which airs on May 18 will have an eight minute preview of Batman Begins. Here is the press release (courtesy Superhero Hype ) from Warner Brothers.

Two DC Comics legends, Clark Kent and Batman, will unite on Wednesday, May 18 (8:00 p.m. ET) as The WB presents the world premiere of an exclusive eight-minute special footage preview of the highly anticipated theatrical release Batman Begins, which will air within the 90-minute presentation of the season finale of the network's hit drama, Smallville.

"This is a great night for fans of the two most popular superheroes in the history of American Pop Culture," said David Janollari, President of Entertainment at The WB. "Fans of 'Smallville' will not want to miss this special extended version of what will be the series’ best-ever season finale. Broadcasting exclusive footage of the summer's most anticipated feature film, 'Batman Begins', makes this a very exciting night for us and a natural fit for the fans of 'Smallville'."

“We are thrilled to share this exclusive preview of 'Batman Begins' with fans of 'Smallville'," said Dawn Taubin, President of Domestic Marketing, Warner Bros. Pictures. "Not only does this special event bring together two seminal American superheroes, but both 'Smallville' and 'Batman Begins' give fans the opportunity to delve deeper into the mythology behind their heroes. May 18 promises to reveal exciting new chapters in the history of these legends, and kick off a summer that fans will never forget."

Smallville's 90-minute season finale is packed with murder, betrayal and an unforgettable graduation day for all.

"Superman and Batman have always been inextricably linked to each other, so it seems fitting that a show chronicling the Man of Steel's youth give you the first look at the birth of the Dark Knight," said Al Gough, executive producer, 'Smallville'. "Christopher Nolan is an incredibly talented filmmaker and we couldn't be more excited and honored to have our season finale complimented with exclusive footage from 'Batman Begins'."

Batman Begins, which opens in theaters on Friday, June 17, explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force of good in Gotham. The film stars Christian Bale as Batman, along with Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe and Morgan Freeman.

A Warner Bros. Pictures release, Batman Begins is directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Emma Thomas, Charles Roven and Larry Franco. The screenplay is by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, story by David S. Goyer, based upon Batman characters created by Bob Kane and published by DC Comics. The executive producers are Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan.

Smallville stars Tom Welling, Kristen Kruek, Michael Rosenbaum, Jensen Ackles, Allison Mack, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider and chronicles the life of Clark Kent as a teenager in the years preceding his emergence as Superman.

Batman Begins Six Flags show details
source: Superhero Hype

On June 25, Six Flags theme parks will debut a 25 minute long stunt show. Full details including the design of the set used in the show can be found Here

Batman Begins pictures

Head down to to see two new pictures from the film. The first is of Cillian Murphy as Jonathon Crane and the other has Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox

O.M.A.C #1, Batman 638 get second prints
source: Newsarama

DC has announced that the O.M.A.C Project #1 (A Countdown to Infinite Crisis spinoff featuring Batman) and Batman 638 (The I.D of the Red Hood is revealed) will get second prints. the Second Printing of Batman 638 will feature a new cover and will be released April 27.

Apr 15, 2005

Third One sheet revealed!
source: Batman on Film

Bill at Batman on Film has obtained the final one sheet for Batman Begins showing Batman carrying Rachel Dawes. Go Here to see it

Batman Begins video game to be featured at E3
source: IGN

IGN has a list of games that will be shown at this years E3 trade show. EA will have Batman Begins for various platforms at its booth

Apr 12, 2005

HBO to air Batman Begins special
source: Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum is reporting that on June 7 at 8:15, HBO will are a 13 minute special called "Batman Begins: HBO First Look". Head down to the Continuum to see more airdates

'The Batman' season two details
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum also has a list of season two episodes and brief synopsis' of each episode plus pictures. Go Here to see them all

Batman Begins score details
source: Batman on Film

It looks like the Batman Begins film has yet another composer. Ramin Djawadi will join Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

Laser Bat symbol appears in New York and LA
source: Superhero Hype , Batman on Film

Superhero Hype and Batman on Film have news on an interesting marketing technique for Batman Begins. In Santa Monica and Broadway, a neon green Batsymbol is projected on buildings. the symbol is redrawn every few seconds. Go Here to see a picture of it

Sneak peak of upcoming Batman covers
source: Newsarama

Jim Lee has provided Newsarama three covers that he has worked on. Two are for his "All Star Batman and Robin" series and the other is for "Hush:Absolute Edition". The Covers can be see Here

...And Finally Head to IESB for a look at another Batman Begins picture. This one scanned from Premiere Magazine

Apr 6, 2005

Second Batman Poster out!!

Another Batman Begins has been released. It can be found Here.

'The Batman' News
source: Comics Continuum

Catwoman and the Penguin will appear in the season opener of 'The Batman'. They team up to steal statues that put together will form a weapon. Go Here for some preview pictures

Ron Perlman who has his hand in quite a few Superhero projects will provide the voice of Killer Croc in a future episode titled "Swamped". Go Here for pics on this episode

Just a Reminder

The TV spots for Batman Begins (including two new ones) are at the Magic Box for those who missed them.

Apr 1, 2005

Batman Begins TV Spots online!

The TV Spots that appeared the past few days are now online. Go Here to see all three

Batman Comics to carry Batman Begins merchandise catalogue
source: DC Comics

In April and May, The following Batman titles will have a Batman Begins catalogue inserted into them

Batman and Batman alumni winners of CBG Awards
source: Comic Buyers Guide

The Comic Buyers Guide handed out its annual Fan Awards. Batman took the favourite character award while the following Batman alumni took home the following awards