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March 11, 2006

Infinite Crisis #5 gets second printing
source: DC Comics

For the third straight month, DC will be reprinting the latest issue of their mini series Infinite Crisis.  As with the previous months, the cover will be in all pencils only this time it will be George Perez's cover that gets the special treatment


I wonder why DC didn't reprint Perez's other covers since they clearly put Jim Lee's covers out to pasture. Just my opinion.

March 06, 2006

Comics Newsbytes
source: Various

Comics Continuum is reporting that artist Kevin Maguire will be working on three issues in the new Batman title, Batman: Confidential. He will also be doing the art for Superman/Batman 27

Newsarama has an interview with new Robin artist Freddie Williams II. Head down here to read his interview and to get a sneak peak at his take on Robin