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Mar 31, 2005

Batman Begins promotions underway
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film is getting several reports saying that TV ads and billboards for Batman Begins are starting to appear.

Countdown to Infinite Crisis to get second Printing
source: Comics Continuum

DC has announced that it will be issuing a second printing of 'Countdown to Infinite Crisis' on April 13. The second printing will have a different cover which reveals the person that Batman is holding and will be priced at 1.99.

'The Batgirl' to appear on 'The Batman'
source: TV Guide

TV Guide has a picture and information on 'The Batman's' incarnation of Batgirl. It looks like this show's Babs will be a teenager. Go Here to see how she looks like

Details on DC's Batman chronicles
source: Pulse

Pulse has some informations on a new project by DC. They plan on releasing every single Batman story published in chronological order starting with 'The Batman Chronicles' which will collect 'Detective Comics 27-38' featuring work by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Jerry Robinson, and Sheldon Moldoff. Full details are Here

Mar 26, 2005

Batman Begins Video Game details
source: IGN

IGN has an update on the Batman Begins Game. This includes a Preview of the game, new Screenshots and Boxart

Christian Bale Interviewed
source: IESB

IESB has three video Interviews with Christian Bale. The links are below

Greg Rucka on OMAC
source: Newsarama

Greg Rucka shared some more details on his tie in to DC's 'Countdown to Infinite Crisis'. The story will feature Batman and will carry over plot points from last years 'Identity Crisis'. Hit the link to Newsarama to read more.

Bat Alumni news: Alan Moore contributes to charity
source: Pulse

A group of Musicians raising money to improve the living conditions of an orphanage in Ighisul-Nous, Sibiu Romania have recieved a contribution from writer Alan Moore (Batman: Killing Joke). Moore gave a song he wrote called 'Watering the Spirits' to the group to use on its CD. More details including how to order the CD can be found Here

Mar 23, 2005

Batman Begins TV Spot Details

The Three TV Spots for Batman Begins are available for Download Here

Batman on Film is reporting that the spots might appear during the Championship game of the NCAA basketball finals.

The Official website has now been redone in Flash

DC's Countdown
source: Newsarama

Looks like DC is planning another major event in its Universe and it appears that Batman will play a part in it. On March 30, A one shot titled Countdown to Infinite Crisis will be released. It will be written by Former Batman writer Greg Rucka, current Batman writer Judd Winnick and Geoff Johns. Afterwards there will be four spin off miniseries which are

The OMAC Project
(Written by Greg Rucka) -Features Batman
Villains United
(By BOP writer Gail Simone and former Batman artist Dale Eaglesham)
The Rann Thanagar War
(Dave Gibbons, with art by Ivan Reis)
Day of Vengeance (No details yet)

Head to the above links for more details on each of these projects

Mar 20, 2005

Batman Begins footage at Wizard World LA
source: Batman on Film

Batman Begins was showcased once again this time at Wizard World LA. Batman on Film has a brief description of what was shown and is as follows.

was at the convention today and I saw the ten minute clip that you said would be here. Anyway, today at 2:00pm they showed the clip, none of the cast or crew was there, but the clip was very cool and contained footage not shown on anything else so far. It started out with the clip of Bruce as a child falling down a shaft and showing the bats flying overhead and his father rescuing him. It showed them at the theater and Bruce begging to leave, then his parents were killed by the gunman in the ally. After this, they showed footage with Liam Neson that we have already seen, a little how he meets Ra's Al Ghul, some combat between Liam and Bale. They did show a lot more action segments with Bale in the costume - very cool - and some more of hi weaponry as well. We also got a peak at Scarecrow, very, very cool looking, he throws some nerve toxin at Batman and you see the Scarecrow change in his face, very scary, and very cool.

Head down to Batman on Film to read more detailed descriptions of the footage

New Batman Begins TV Spot
source: Internapse

Head down to Internapse to get a look at a new TV spot for Batman Begins. The spot has no audio and is in low quality though.

Also expect two more One sheets for Batman Begins

Mar 18, 2005

New Batman Begins Poster!
source: CHUD

A new poster for the film was shown last night on Entertainment Tonight and CHUD has a high definition version on their site. Head down Here to see it.

DC Direct to do "Long Halloween" Line
source: DC Comics

DC has announced that it is planning a figure line based on the story "The Long Halloween". The first Series features Batman, Two-Face, Catwoman, Mad Hatter and Joker. Pictures and details can be found Here

Frank Miller on Batman
source: The Beat

"The Beat" has an interview with "All Star Batman and Robin" writer Frank Miller. He discusses his take on the series and also talks about his upcoming film adaptation "Sin City". Hit the link above to read the interview (It is a few paragraphs down)

Mar 15, 2005

Batman Begins footage to be shown Wizard World LA Convention
source: Wizard World

Fans in LA will be in for a special treat in regards to Batman Begins. The following is an announcement from Wizard World.

Warner Brothers has just announced that they will unveil special footage from the sure-to-be summer blockbuster, Batman Begins on Saturday, March 19th at 2pm.

Seating is limited and Special Event tickets are required, so make sure you get there early. Special Event tickets for this event can be picked up at 10am on Saturday, March 19th at the Special Events Ticket booth – Limit 1 per person.

In addition, The following Batman comic talent and Batman Alumni will be at the show

Mar 13, 2005

Gary Rizzo to do Batman Begins' sound mixing
source: Daily Record News

Gary Rizzo, who was nominated for his work on 'The Incredibles' will now lend his talents to Batman Begins according to the Daily Record News

More Batman Begins Newsbytes
source: Various

IESB has a small gallery of some Batman Begins stills. They can be found Here (SPOILERS)

Batman on Film's sources are saying that Warner Brothers may do some sort of promotion at ShoWest;an annual convention where filmmakers promote their upcoming films. The Full trailer for Begins might show up here.

BOF is also reporting that a final cut of the film is due soon and post production will be completed around April or May. Also expect the Scarecrow to look terrifying in the POV of someone who is gassed.

Mar 6, 2005

Catwoman's new cover artist
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum is reporting that artist Adam Hughes will be doing the cover art for the Catwoman comic starting with issue 44.

Various Animated news
source: Comics Continuum

The Continuum is also reporting that the future Batman of Batman Beyond will appear again on Justice League Unlimited

'The Batman' show continues to draw high ratings. It was among the top five shows on the WB network scoring high ratings among Kids 2-11 (2.7 rating/10 share), Kids 6-11 (3.0/12), Boys 2-11 (3.6/13), Boys 6-11 (4.2/16), Tweens 9-14 (2.9/13) and among the top five overall program spots in Male Tweens 9-14 (4.6/20)

Batman Begins gets a mention in USA Today
source: USA Today

USA Today has made a list of this years top blockbuster films that. Batman Begins is on the list as well as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' which is directed by former Batman director Tim Burton. Hit the link above to USA Today for more details

Things I missed

Here are some Miscellaneous Batman (Mostly Batman Begins news) from this past week

-Various new pictures from Batman Begins were released yesterday and can be found at JoBlo. (SPOILERS)
-(Superhero Hype) In a radio Interview last week Christina Ricci mentioned that she would love to play Catwoman opposite Christian Bale in a future Batman film.
-In an Interview with USA Today, Actor Rutger Hauer (Mr. Earle) said that Batman Begins is a reinvention of Batman on the big screen and will be more human and character driven.

Mar 3, 2005

Batman Begins to appear on IMAX

The IMAX Corporation and Warner Brothers have announced that Batman Begins will be shown in IMAX theatres when it is released June 17. The Full Press release can be found at Super Hero Hype

Latest Issue of Wizard featuring Batman
source: Wizard

Wizard will be releasing a special edition of its magazine devoted to Superhero Films. There will be an interview with Christian Bale and other features related to other films past and present. Head down Here to see more of Wizard's press release and the cover.

Mar 1, 2005

Morgan Freeman wins Best Supporting Actor Oscar

After years of being nominated and losing to others, Morgan Freeman won an Academy Award for his supporting role in "Million Dollar Baby". Freeman thanked Clint Eastwood and a host of others for his win and called the film "A Labour of love". He recieved a standing ovation afterwards

Catwoman wins Four Razzies

Catwoman was a big winner at the annual Razzies. The film won four Razzies for Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Direction and Worst Screenplay. Halle Berry actually showed up to collect her Razzie making her the second person to ever do so.

Batman: TAS Vol 3 on the way. "The Batman" heading to DVD as well
source: Comics Continuum

Warner Brothers is getting set to release the third volume of the Batman Animated series. The set will be released on May 24 and will feature several commentaries and a featurette on Batgirl. On that date, WB will also release volume 1 of the new Batman series. It will have the episodes "Bat in the Belfry", "Traction", and "Call of the Cobblepot".

Bandai's Teen Titans Toy Line
source: Comics Continuum

Bandai has released details of its vast toy line for the Teen Titans show. The line includes, plush toys, vehicles and figures of different sizes. Head down to the Comics Continuum to get more details and for pictures of the line

Wonder if Larry the Titan is included in the list (^_^)