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2003 Alfred Awards

Alan Porter, Editor of the Gotham Weekly News is holding his annual Alfred Awards. Fans can vote for their favourite comic talent, stories, and other Batman related material. If you would like to vote, hit the link above.


Mar 31, 2004

First look at the Batmobile!
source: Warner Brothers

The official Batman Begins website has posted pictures of the new Batmobile? From the looks of it, it definitely looks intimidating. The pictures can be found Here

A lot of people are having trouble with the design of the new Batmobile. Look at it this way, Batman is out to fight crime not win a beauty contest ;)

Robin 124 sells out
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum is reporting that Robin 124, the last issue featuring Tim Drake as Robin has sold out. Nightwing 91 and the Birds of Prey issues 64 and 65 have also sold out.

Mar 30, 2004

Have the filmmakers found Wayne Manor?
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype is reporting that the Hatfield House in Hertfordshire England will double for Wayne Manor. Michael Caine is filming scenes there.

Pictures and more details of the Hatfield House can be found Here

Bale and Hauer talk Batman

Empire Online has conducted an interview with Christian Bale. A snippet of the Interview is on their website while the rest will be published in the magazine's April issue. More

Rutger Hauer has posted his thoughts on his production on his website. More

The Batman details episode details
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum spoke to storyboard artist Eric Canate regarding the new animated show. Here are some snippets

On how many episodes being made:" We have just finished off the first season," "There are two concurrent seasons going on at the same time, 26 episodes. And we have finished off the first 13."

The inspiration of Batman's look in the show: "It's based off of Jeff Matsuda's artwork," "And he's basing a lot of the designs, I would hazard to guess, on the (David) Mazzuchelli Year One stuff. This is Batman Year Three, to a certain degree. In my opinion, it looks great.

To learn more about Eric and the show head down to Here

BatAlumni News: Sam Keith talks about Scratch and a little Batman
source: Comic Book Resources

Former Batman cover artist Sam Keith spoke to Comic Book Resources about his new series Scratch. He talks about Batman appearing and a possible future Batman project. More

Mar 27, 2004

Animated DVD Boxsets details
source: Toonzone

Toonzone has some details on the Batman Animated Series box sets. The sets will be released in the summer and will contain up to 24 to 28 episodes on four discs. The DVD's will also have some features that should please fans. Full details of these features can be found at Toonzone

Batman Begins production details and is WB already planning a sequel?
source: Batman on Film

Bill is reporting that Tilbury Fort in Essex will be used for filming Bat-Cave scenes and the Cardington hangers will feature Gotham city scenes. Bill's source is also speculating that the studio is planning summer 2008 for a potential sequel.

David Goyer to appear in Vancouver
source: Women in Film and Video

If you live in the Vancouver area, circle April 3rd. That's when David Goyer will be the guest speaker of Women in Film and Video Vancouver. Full details can be found Here

Mar 24, 2004

Several casting additions
source: various

Four actors have been cast in BATMAN BEGINS. The Hollywood reporter has confirmed that Rutger Hauer and Tom Wilkinson have been added to the cast. Hauer will play Earle; a Waynetech exec who schemes to keep the company out of Bruce's hands. Wilkinson will play the role of gang boss Carmine Falcone.

The BBC did an article on actor Colin McFarlane and mentioned that he would play the police commissioner of Gotham in Batman Begins and Finally Latino Review has confirmed Gerard Murphy's involvement with Batman Begins though they didn't mention what role he'll play

Scarecrow costume details
source: Batman on Film

One of Bill's sources has chipped in some information about the Scarecrow's appearance. It looks like Scarecrow will have a full costume, as opposed to just a mask as said earlier. Head down Here for more details

Wizard World Batman highlights
source: Comics Continuum

What can Batman fans expect from the upcoming comics? here are some details

Batman Batman Alumni Misc

Mar 20, 2004

Batman Begins Official website is up!

There isn't much there but Warner Brothers has set up the site for the new Batman film. It just has the new logo and it can be seen by either going Here or Here

Free Comicbook day tidbits
source: Free Comic Book Day

Every year, the comics Industry devotes a day where people can get a free comic book from each of the big comic companies and some smaller ones. This year a couple of entries are Batman related.

DC's representation will be a comic based on the Animated Teen Titans. This comic is written by J. Torres with art by Todd Nauck and Larry Stucker. Two Batman alumni, Chuck Dixon (Robin, Nightwing) and Greg Land (Nightwing, Birds of Prey) will team up to introduce an independant comic titled "American Power"

This year Free Comic Book Day is July 3rd, a day after Spider-Man 2's release. These comics can be found at comic stores participating in this event

DC to pay tribute to Julius Schwartz
source: Newsarama

DC will be devoting the month of July to the late Julius Schwartz with specials done the way he used to do it: Stories motivated by the covers. DC has taken the covers of several covers done during Scwartz's reign and the stories will be based on them by talent who knew the late editor or were inspired by him.

Among the stories will be a Batman story which will have the cover of BATMAN 183, the issue that marked the beginning of Schwartz's reign on Batman with the story and art by Geoff Johns, Carmine Infantino ,Len Wein and Andy Kuhn.

For a full listing of the other stories, go Here

Mar 18, 2004

Batman Begins promotion video details
source: Aint it Cool

Aint it Cool has some news on a promo video for Batman Begins. The video contains a drawing of the Batmobile and Interviews with both Nolan and Goyer. The full report is at Aint it Cool

Another Reason why Batman role will be special for Christian Bale
source: IC Wales

Christian Bale will be dedicating his role of Batman to his late father David. David Bale died of a brain tumour and knew that his son got the role of Batman before he passed away.

All the best to Christian for giving all for this performance and my sympathies (albeit a little late) concerning his father. To read more about David Bale, head down Here

Batmobile speeding around the Wharf in the UK
source: IC The Wharf

ic The Wharf is reporting that the new Batmobile had a scene filmed in the area. The article also states the film's budget as $150 million dollars - 10 million more than Batman and Robin.

The Wharf is also where a scene with Christian Bale and Katie Holmes will be filmed.

I just have to see this new Batmobile!!

Batalumni News: Jeph Loeb on Superman/Batman
source: Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources has conducted an interview with Jeph Loeb (Hush, Long Halloween, Dark Victory) on his title Superman Batman.

On teaming Batman and Superman: "That's just how my mind works. But, Superman and Batman aren't just a 'multi-powered alien' and a 'vengeful detective' -- but you knew that or you wouldn't have asked the question! [laughs] These characters have transcended being comic book icons, however, they've achieved the status of Pop Culture Icons -- and if I knew how to do that, I'd be making my own. That only happens with magic and timing and nobody can just set out to create it.

On the series "Silver Age" feel: "They're great characters and I'm very lucky that folks are responding. I think the sales speak for themselves. I'm not buying all those comics and I've told my Mom to stop doing that, so somebody must be enjoying the show. [laughs] Have I made an effort to tell a certain kind of story that will appeal to a larger audience? Yes. Will that skew younger for some? Sure. But, I just got tired -- and Eddie agreed -- with reading comics where the hero takes off his mask and talks about something for 5 issues until they finally hit something in the sixth so it can be collected as a trade! I like the trades -- I like our five or six issue arcs -- but I'm hoping that if you miss an issue you are saying to yourself -- Damn! I missed a good time. I like secret identities. I like knock down drag out fights. I also like a good mystery and a good misdirect."

The rest of this interview can be found Here

Mar 16, 2004

Cillian Murphy's thoughts on Batman Begins
source: New York Daily News

The New York Daily News has an article on Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow). It talks about Murphy's other work and his comments on being part of Batman Begins.

"I never really saw myself as Batman material, but it was very nice to be offered the other role. If anyone's going to reinvent the franchise, it'll be Chris Nolan," Murphy says of the "Memento" director. Details of the project are closely guarded, but he expects Nolan to focus on the dark side of the comic-book saga.

The Full article can be found Here

Another Murphy coming on board the film?
source: Superherohype

Superhero Hype is reporting that Gerard Murphy (Waterworld) tested for three roles in Batman Begins and maybe offered one though he doesn't know which one.

Bats over Bond
source: Scotsman

Here is some news that will make Batman fans happy. In a poll conducted by UCI cinemas, the Batmobile beat out James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 as the ultimate big screen car.

Chuck Roven talks Batman Begins
source: CHUD

CHUD has conducted an interview with producer Chuck Roven. Chuck talks about the direction of this film as opposed to the previous ones and if the actors might return for future films. The interview can be found Here

Some details about the now defunct Year One project
source: Batman on Film

Bill has some interesting tidbits that he obtained from the Book "Tales from Development Hell" these tidbits are from the Batman project that Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller were working on. Head to Batman on Film to read more

Mar 11, 2004

Batsuits completed
source: Dark Horizons

Garth Franklin of Dark Horizons has some more news. The suit has been completed (previous reports alluded to prototypes BTW) and ready to go.  Superhero Hype also has a similar report about the suit and it looks like the suit will be Black and Grey.

Head down to this link to read a little more from Dark Horizons and hit the Link to Superhero Hype to read their news on the costume

More filming news
source: Various

Here are some details about Filming. Latino Review is reporting that Filming in Iceland has wrapped up and will now move to London. Latino Review also has a picture of a set used for the film. It can be found Here

Reel Chicago has confirmed the previous reports of a shoot in Chicago involving most of the Major cast. The site is saying that the film will shoot from July to August

Six Flags opens new attraction featuring Catwoman
source: Six Flags Adventure and Wild Safari

Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari, America's largest regional theme park, introduce a spectacular new action-adventure show, Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight, a new 3-D simulator ride and major park enhancements to mark its 30th anniversary.

The only show of its kind, based on the DC Comics Superhero Batman, Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight features the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, as they battle to save Gotham City from the evil clutches of Catwoman and The Joker in this all-new, high-voltage adventure.

Six Flags Great Adventure also launches a new 3-D simulator ride. Debuting April 3, this new ride will deliver a nonsensical, fast-paced adventure for all ages.

Honoring the parks' past 30 years and looking ahead to a vibrant future, Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari undergo a multi-year refurbishment program beginning in 2004.

The theme park nearly doubles in size its private catering facility, and enhances all existing catering pavilions. Other theme park renovations include improvements to all 15 restroom locations, new landscaping, theming and a state-of-the-art sound system upgrade.

Last season's major new addition, Superman - Ultimate Flight, premieres a new gift store at the ride's exit. The park is also adding new high-tech games and attractions, shows and concerts.

At the Safari, guests can explore the newly designed Monkey Jungle and see two new, giant anteaters in the South American section. The Safari debuts a new educational program for schools, Safari Journeys in Learning, that features outreach, private bus tours and hands-on exhibits.

Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari open April 3. For more information, call 732/928-1821 or visit

BatAlumni News: New Artwork from Alex Ross
source: Dynamic Forces

Fan Favourite Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Batman: War on Crime) has done some work for Marvel. Here are the full details from Dynamic Forces

The Heroes of the Marvel Universe have never looked so good!

These are definitive versions of the incredible characters and teams from that time. Alex’s pencils are so tight, distinct and beautiful, that fans won’t be able to appreciate it until it’s in their hands! Alex has been laboring on this piece for 2 years!

Alex put so much detail into each character, that no photo can do it justice! This is going to be the ultimate Alex Ross litho of the year! He even has Howard the Duck in there!”

Alongside the Duck, Ross’ vision of the Defenders, X-Men, Avengers, Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi, Power Man, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider and so many more are presented here, each meticulously crafted and expertly painted.

Measures 24” X 18” and printed on and printed on archival 80lbs. Gallerie Silk Stock, this masterpiece will be a treasured addition to your collection!

$29.99 Suggested Retail Price


For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases - including more Marvel Comics Product, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at


Mar 9, 2004

Various Batman Begins news
source: Various

Here is a collection of some news regarding Batman Begins. First off, Stax of Film Force has learned that Larry Holden will not be in the film. Second Harvey Dent is also not in the film either, but Bill of Batman on Film is speculating that Harvey Dent could be added to the film possibly be played by Guy Pearce.

Bill has also heard from his sources regarding the teaser poster for the film. The new teaser poster may be done in the same way as the one for BATMAN (i.e. just a Bat Symbol) with the tagline "Beginning Summer 2005"

In regards to possible production information, he is saying that the major cast members will be part of the film shoot in Chicago and that the studio will start releasing publicity pictures in the summer. Superhero Hype has some details on where the Wayne Enterprise building might be.

Catwoman Trading cards in the works
source: Comics Continuum

Trading Card Company Inkworks has announced that it will be making trading cards for the Catwoman film. Inkworks will also make cards for Aliens vs. Predator, Hellboy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In other Catwoman news, Halle Berry was named the ShoWest female star of the year for 2004. ShoWest is an annual event for movie distributors and exhibitors for films. This years events will be held in Las Vegas from March 22 to 25. The first footage of Catwoman is expected here

Yet another script review. This time at Aint it Cool
source: Aint it Cool News

Aint it Cool has posted a review for the script of Batman Begins. However the review contains spoilers and if you would like to be surprised then I suggest you pass it. However, if you like your films spoiled, Head down Here (SPOILERS AHEAD)

A sneak preview of The Batman
source: Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum is reporting that the WB network will give a preview of The Batman this Saturday.

Mar 5, 2004

Stax gives Batman Begins script a clean bill of health
source: Filmforce

Stax has read and reviewed the script for Batman Begins and wrote a review that doesn't have major spoilers. Suffice to say, he likes it. The review can be found Here

Production details of Batman Begins
source: Dark Horizons

Garth of Dark Horizons has some information as to what is happening with the film. The scenes involved with the first two days involve both Christian Bale and Liam Neeson. Head down to Dark Horizons to get the details

A tourist website for Reykjavic, the capital of Iceland, is also reporting that filming is taking place. They are saying that there are 200 crew members and they have signed a contract of confidence which forbids them to give any details of the film

Mar 4, 2004

Gary Oldman is Lieutenant James Gordon
source: FilmForce

Stax of Filmforce broke the new last night and now it is has been confirmed. Gary Oldman will play Lieutenant James Gordon in Batman Begins. This is no doubt surprising considering that his name didn't even show up in the rumour mill. Chris Cooper was originally offered the role and turned it down and Dennis Quaid was the favourite.

In addition to Gary Oldman's casting, production of the film has begun in Iceland.

More Costume details and Batman's cape to pack a surprise?
source: Batman on Film

Here is some Bat-suit information from Batman on Film. One of Bill's sources has chipped in with this bit

I have not seen it myself, but an old costume deptartment friend has been working on it and tells me that it is based on the Alex Ross designs from the graphic novels. Dark (very) grey bodice, black bat chest (with no yellow shield), tight-fitting mask (that moves - meaning, frowns and squints and so on - but do not hold me or my source to that as he/she? has only seen a 3rd level prototype of the cowl) with prominent ears, overall an extremely tight fitting outfit (presumably to show off Bale's gym work, or, from what I have been told, to finally make the point that Bruce Wayne is a gym junkie, not a rich dope in armour).

Bill is also saying that the cape will turn into wings and allow Batman to glide over the city. He also has some more info on the cape and how the Scarecrow's may look so head down Here