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Feb 29, 2004

Batman film gets its official title
source: Variety

Variety has confirmed the title of the new Batman film as Batman Begins. Previously the film had gone by the titles Batman Intimidation and Batman Intimidation Game

Nolan Collaborator to score Batman Begins?
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype is reporting that David Julyan will do the score for Batman Begins. Julyan provided the score for Chris Nolan's previous films Insomnia, Memento and The Following

It should be noted that previous Batman directors Burton and Schumacher also used composers that they worked with before so this doesn't come as too much as a surprise. Wraith writer and good pal 'FrankD' predicted Julyan as the composer a while back.

Another Batsuit description
source: Dark Horizons

Dark Horizons has obtained some information which is different from previous reports. DH is saying that the suit will be dark grey and the cowl, gloves and boots will be either black or dark blue. The full details can be found Here

Feb 26, 2004

Another David Goyer Interview

Bill at Batman on Film has posted an Interview that Wizard Magazine conducted with Batman Writer David Goyer. The full interview can be found Here

Larry Holden is Harvey Dent?
source: Batman on Film

Bill is speculating that rumoured actor Larry Holden may play Harvey Dent in the new Batman film. Another noteworthy is that the IMDB is listing Holden as D.A Fitch.

Though Bill is telling people not to accept Holden as Dent as set in stone, it should be noted that he was spot on for the castings of Katie Holmes, Morgan Freeman and Ken Watanabe. Will he score for Four? ;)

Bat Alumni News: Frank Miller's Sin City to be adapted into film
source: Comics Continuum

Batman legend Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, Year One) is having another one of his work adapted for the big screen. His Sin City series will soon be made into a film by Robert Rodriguez

Timeslot for The Batman
source: Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum has learned the timeslot for The Batman animated show. It will be at 10:30 on Saturday Mornings on Cartoon Network.

Halle Talks Catwoman
source: Empire Online

Halle Berry recently conducted an interview with Empire Online regarding her recent film roles. Here is a tidbit on her thoughts on the negativity towards her Catwoman film

There has been some controversy over the Catwoman costume – what do you think of the look of the film? Are you pleased with it? I love the look of the film. I think it's very modern, it's edgy, it's very much reflective of the 21st century and who women are today and who we are evolving into. As far as the negativity, you know, there's always negativity. I also remind myself that there was a lot of negativity around X-Men - on the internet particularly with comic book afficionados. Nothing we did on that movie made them happy initially. By the time it was all said and done at the end of the second movie they loved it. So I think we're all taking it with a little grain of salt. We tried to stay true to what our story was, and honestly make it different to the ones of the past, because if you were to make it the same there'd be no point to make a new one, unless you change it and push Catwoman forward into the 21st century.

Hit the link above to read more

This probably one of the few times that I've heard people say they want a super hero film to fail.

Feb 25, 2004

Ken Watanabe is Ra's Al Ghul!
source: Variety, Hollywood Reporter

It's official, both trade magazines Variety and Hollywood Reporter have announced that Ken Watanabe has been cast to play Ra's Al Ghul.


Christian Bale talks Batman
source: Bunte

Ever since he was cast as Batman, fans have been wondering what Bale thinks of playing the Dark Knight. Well he finally revealed a little of his thoughts about this and the previous movies to the German site Bunte. Here is a translated piece courtesy of Batman on Film

"I think Batman is probably more aggresive than most everybody I've ever played, you know. I wanted to take it, because, firstly, when I heard that there was a consideration of doing more of the movies, I just felt like I hadn't been quite satisfied with what I'd seen in the other movies. Certainly in the last two. And it seemed as though there was actually a real character here, that it wasn't just a bland kind of superhero, one-dimensional. With him there really was an interesting character to be played. I loved the kind of fantastical notion of the superhero, but at the same time being able to bring a psychologically interesting element to that. And then Chris Nolan is directing who, you know, is not a director I would have expected to do this movie. So that was ideal to me, I liked the fact that the people hiring Chris, hiring myself, were going with people who did want to reinvent the story and have it not just be a continuation."

Great stuff. Looks like he knows the character better than his predecessors

Goyer talks Batman
source: Aint it Cool

Aint it Cool News has posted an interview done with David Goyer. Though most of the interview consisted of Blade III, he did let some Batman bits slip. (Goyer's responses are in Bold)

    Did Avi or Feige say anything to you about crossing the street with the BATMAN movie? Did you get shit for that?

Yeah, they did. Originally, they wanted me to do NICK FURY at Dreamworks, and, then, the whole BATMAN thing happened. I called Avi, and I said, “Listen, they’ve offered me BATMAN. Ever since I was a little kid, I told my mom that I want to go to Hollywood and make a BATMAN movie. I’ve got to do it.” And Avi said, “No, you have to do it.”

    How do you deal with the real hard core comic book fans that don’t like the alterations that filmmakers have to make to tell these stories? The deviations from storylines… you know, we see a lot of that stuff in the talk backs.

Yeah, I know, and some of those you’re like, “Fuck off.” Some of it’s just so ridiculous. But with a character like BLADE, it’s not that big a deal, because Blade doesn’t have such a hard core canon. I don’t think most comic book people were horrified that we made certain changes. It depends on if you’re doing one of the first-tier characters, or Blade, who I would even call a third-tier character. Batman… you have to be much more careful about. Chris and I went to DC, and spent two days with Paul Levitz and the editorial staff of BATMAN, told them what we were proposing, and said, “Is there anything that we’re doing that you think is (wrong)?” I mean, we did stuff in BATMAN that has never been told before, but we didn’t contradict anything.

How bulky is the costume going to be? Is it going to be more tights than leather?

I can’t say. Fans will like it. No nipples. No codpieces.

What’s your favorite BATMAN storyline?

From the comics?


As a kid, I remember liking the Steve Engleheart/Marshall Rogers stories. I like YEAR ONE a lot. I think the best stuff recently is the Jeff Loeb stuff. THE LONG HALLOWEEN. What was the other one after that?


DARK VICTORY. I think those were really good. And that approach influenced us. Our movie is not YEAR ONE, this or that, or any of those, but that approach did influence us. Chris and I really like Jeff’s stuff. He had a very mature approach to it. It wasn’t revisionist, but it was kind of sober and mature.

You think this Frank Miller influence on Batman is something you’re trying to get away from?

Ours is definitely not Miller. I’m not taking anything away from it, but it’s definitely not Miller. All I can tell you is that DC was extremely happy.

You think they would be after BATMAN AND ROBIN.

Yeah. Paul Levitz basically said that.

The SUPERMAN stuff hasn’t affected you guys at all?

I think it affected us positively. That was such a disaster that they’re approach was, “Let’s get a filmmaker’s filmmaker, and, then, let’s get a writer who has sort of more credibility in his stuff.” The movie that they’re making, and I think they started shooting in Iceland today, is basically my first draft. They said, “Okay, SUPERMAN got all fucked up; let’s let you guys do what you do,” and they did. When we met with them, we said, “Is there anything that you don’t want to see, or that you can’t see?” And they said, “Okay, it’s got to be PG-13.” That wasn’t really difficult. And they said, “It’s got to be romantic,” which we didn’t have a problem with.


I can’t say.

What did you think of Bale? Had you met him before?

We were torn between Bale and Jake Gyllenhaal, because we wanted to go in a different direction. But I think Bale at the end… I loved Jake, but Bale just seemed the right way. Knowing the story that we’re telling… it’s hard for everyone else because they don’t know the story that we’re telling, but it ultimately was the right way to go. And Michael Caine… I was just freaking out when we got Michael Caine. And all of the other casting has been… you know, I had a very schizophrenic experience on the project, because I was a professional doing a job crafting, sort of reinventing Batman with Chris, being very aware of how fucked up the previous movies were. And being very conscious of the fact that we didn’t want to let the fans down. But at the same time, I was like a fan going, “Holy shit, I can’t believe they’re going to let us do this.”

Are you going to direct the third BATMAN?

Who knows? We’ve set it up… the way it ends, there’s clearly going to be another one.

Were you a fan at all of Burton’s stuff?

There were parts of the first and second films that I liked, but it was not, taking nothing away from Burton, there’s never been Batman on film or t.v. that would be the Batman that I wanted. Except for the movie that we’re doing. That’s the Batman I want.

What about the Paul Dini stuff?

I think the animated stuff has come closest to capturing it. I love their stuff. I think that’s come the closest.

What about BATMAN: DEAD END?

It was okay. I liked the look. I loved the shot, which is straight from the comic, where his cape is… I mean, our cape does stuff like that. It’s a cape.

The Interview with Goyer is Here and Here

Feb 23, 2004

More Ken Watanabe news
source: Various

Here is some more news regarding Ken Watanabe. According to USA Today Watanabe revealed that he was up for two roles in the film one of which is a major one. However Bill at Batman on Film has a report from one of his sources who is saying that Watanabe has turned down the role of Ra's due to scheduling reasons. He also stated that Ken wants to be in the film and is trying to find a way to join the cast.

Dennis Quaid close to signing on ?
source: Cinescape

Cinescape is reporting that Dennis Quaid is close to signing on for Gordon. Quaid was rumoured for the role since Fall of 2003. They also have some details on some details on the Batmobile and a scene involing Bruce Wayne. Click the above link to Cinescape to learn more

EA will make Catwoman game. First pics of game released
source: IGN

EA has released some pictures of the Catwoman game that will appear on GameCube, Playstation 2 and Xbox. The pictures can be found Here

Feb 21, 2004

Ken Wattanabe up for a role in Batman?
source: Batman on Film

Bill has received some information from a new source regarding yet another casting. His source is saying that Ken Watanabe is up for a major role. Though Bill won't say who, it may be Ra's Al Ghul.

A Bizarre casting choice if I may say so myself. Though he may not fit the origin of Ra's (North African/Arabian), His build and physical skills do. Let's wait and see though....

More crew members for Batman film revealed
source: Superherohype

Superhero Hype has posted list of crew members for the new Batman film. The list was taken from the Film Designer's Guild of the UK. Here is the full list along with which films these people have worked in

Though I maybe wrong, sounds like a Mostly British crew. It doesn't matter anyway considering that most of the films they have worked on (Bond, Harry Potter) have had excellent production values

Feb 19, 2004

Freeman is Fox, Neeson is Ducard!
source: Variety

After months of ongoing rumours of him, Variety has confirmed Morgan Freeman's involvement with the Batman film. Freeman will play Lucius Fox, CEO of Waynetech. The trade also revealed that Liam Neeson will be Ducard. A Mentor of Bruce's. Earlier, the trade earlier reported that Neeson would play Ra's Al Ghul

Another excellent choice. It's also nice to see other familiar faces from Batman's Universe appear on the big screen. However I am a little disappointed that Neeson won't be playing Ra's

Details on a new Filming Location
source: The Wharf

The Wharf has some details about another filming location. A restaurant in Canary Wharf named The Plateau will be the backdrop for a scene involving Bruce Wayne and Rachel played by Katie Holmes. The article mentions the budget of the film and also says that Cillian Murphy will play the Scarecrow. Go Here to read more

Feb 18, 2004

A possible description of the Bat costume?
source: Batman on Film

Bill's source has chipped in with a description of the Batman costume. It's just rumour at the moment but read on.

Now, I haven't seen the costume. And I know that very few people have actually laid eyes on it. But this is a bit of the buzz I've heard about it. It is made of silicone and a material similar to the "Spider-Man" costume. It has a armored look to it around the chest area. There is no yellow oval--the Bat symbol is like it is in the current comics. It may be part of the chest armor. The suit is dark, but not totally black. From the descrition that I got, it's dark gray. The cape, cowl, boots, and gloves are black. I've heard two descritions for the ears. One report said that they are shorter than they were in the previous films. Someone else told me that they are "Kane-style;" based on the orginal look of Batman back from 1939. I've also heard two reports on the eyes. I've heard it had lenses, and I've heard it didn't. I'm sure that costuming experienced with both. The utility belt will have pockets, but with a sleek look to it (nothing like what Adam West wore). Also black, I've heard. Now, if you use this, make sure to tell your readers that this is mostly rumor, but coming from people who would know.

I wouldn't mind the Kane esque appearance myself but at the moment wait and see.

Corgi to make a Batmobile line
source: Newsarama

Good news for Batman collectors. Corgi has announced that they plan on making a line devoted to Batman. This line will include Batmobiles from the past to the present from the comics.

Corgi is a well known die cast car maker and also has a line devoted to James Bond and cars from other famous shows and movies such as The Italian Job, Back to the Future, A-Team and Knight Rider.

Go HERE to read Corgi's announcement and go Here to look at pictures of the cars

BatAlumni News: Ed Brubaker to do Hawkman
source: Newsarama

Former BATMAN writer Ed Brubaker will be writing an issue of Hawkman. His work will appear in Issue #27 in April

Feb 15, 2004

Liam Neeson in "Final Negotiations for Batman
source: Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the involvement of Liam Neeson for Batman. Neeson will play (as always) an unnamed villain but my guess is that he will be Ra's Al Ghul

Larry Holden in Batman?
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype is reporting that actor Larry Holden went on Norwegian TV and said that he was offered a part in the Batman film. He said that he will fly to London to read the script and didn't say who he will play. Holden has worked with Nolan on his previous two films Memento and Insomnia

Iceland filming details
source: Latino Review

The folks at Latino Review have some information regarding the Batman film's Iceland shoot. Here is a snippet

(Icelandic Production company) Saga Film, is working with the Batman 5 crew here in Iceland. On (Wednesday) February 25, they will start filming in the southeast, the group stay's in Hótel Skaftafell in Freysnes, which is about 130 km from the town Höfn and it is fully booked. They will be shooting for about 10 days. At the end of March about 80 people will spend 10 (more) days for filming in the southeast.

To read more about this, go to the Link above to Latino Review

In other Batman news, Producer Emma Thomas has a couple of Batman domains registered in her name. They are and WB also secured two more domains of their own and

And finally on the Batman movie news front, FilmJerk is reporting that the film will start shooting March 16 in the UK. The site is also saying that the filmmakers are looking for a large Asian Man for a fight scene

Damion Scott to Join ROBIN
source: DC Comics

The following is DC's press release regarding former Batgirl artist Damion Scott joining the Robin comic. Another noteworthy is that issue 126 will have a new Robin

Damion Scott, whose dynamic 3-year run on BATGIRL won him critical praise, takes over as interior and cover artist on ROBIN this May with issue #126. Scott, fresh off of drawing The Spectacular Spider-Man, joins writer Bill Willingham (FABLES) with an issue that's a perfect jumping-on point for new readers.
"I'm definitely excited about this," said Scott. "Working on ROBIN is going to be fun. I always wanted to draw Robin, so I'm glad to have the chance. And I never liked pencilling for another inker as much as I like doing the whole art job myself."
"Among the many good reasons for bringing Damion on ROBIN, I'd like to point out one selfish one," says Willingham. "The best moment in writing any comic book story occurs when the drawn pages start coming in and I get to really see the story for the first time brought to life by the vision, imagination and skills of a talented artist. Bringing Damion on board means I get to look forward to many such perfect moments. So, really, it's all about pleasing me."
"We're pleased to have Damion back at DC where he belongs," adds Dan DiDio, DC's VP - Editorial.
This issue marks a turning point for the series, as Tim Drake has relinquished the cape and mask. The Dark Knight's new partner-in-crimefighting makes a dramatic debut in this landmark issue! But you won't get the full story here. You'll just have to pick up the issue to discover the identity of the new Robin!
Batman's choice will have repercussions throughout the DC Universe...and this story gets the ball rolling for much bigger events coming later in 2004. Get in on the ground floor of history in the making with ROBIN #126!
ROBIN #126 will be solicited in the March issue of Previews (Volume XIV, #3), and is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 19 with a cover price of $2.25 U.S.

February 11, 2004

Liam Neeson signed for Batman?!
source: Cinescape Online

Cinescape is reporting that Liam Neeson (Star Wars: Episode I, K-19, Rob Roy) has signed on to play a villain in the new Batman film. As always it is not said which one

Wait and see. We'll see in the next few days if this turn out to be true. I hope it is since Neeson is a great actor. As far as which villain he'll play, If you ask me he has the right size and appearance for Ra's Al Ghul.

Batman heading for the Windy City
source: 15 Minutes magazine

Michael Caine has revealed in an interview with 15 Minutes magazine that the Batman film will also be shooting in Chicago. Here is a snippet of the interview

Is it true you’re in the new Christian Bale-Batman film?

 Yes, I’m Alfred, Batman’s butler and guardian and the film is being done by British director Christopher Nolan who did Memento. That’s an incredible choice because instead of playing it safe with a run of the mill, plodding director as they usually do, they’ve gone for experimental. I think he’ll make a great picture.

Isn’t Batman a bit old hat now?

This one is different, less comic-booky, and it starts with Batman as a baby. I am not a guy who just runs around with cups and saucers. The movie will all be shot in England in a huge Zepplin hangar in Hertfordshire, with some days in Chicago which will double for Gotham.

I think I speak for all Batfans when I say "Batman will NEVER be old hat" :)

The Batman voice cast
source: Zap2it

Here is a list of voice actors for The Batman animated show. The new names on the list are the actors for Joker and Penguin and a police detective

  • Batman:Bruce Wayne: Rino Romano
  • Mayor Grange: Adam West
  • Catwoman: Gina Gershon
  • Detective Ellen Yin: Ming Na
  • Joker: Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Penguin: Tom Kenny
  • Alfred: Allastair Duncan
  • ClayFace: Steve Harris

Superhero Hype has a couple of pictures and some news regarding a new toyline featuring characters for The Batman. Head down to This Link to learn more

DC's eulogy for Julius Schwartz
source: DC Comics

DC Comics has written a nice little eulogy for the late Julius Schwartz. It can be found Here.

February 9, 2004

Warner Brothers announces "The Batman"
source: Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers has released an official announcement for their new Batman animated show "The Batman.

"The Batman will feature the most complex and intriguing character in comic book history in action-packed super-heroic adventures, melding the renowned character's extraordinary physical prowess and super-sleuthing skills with a new range of experimental Bat-gadgets and amped-up Batmobiles. This series picks up Batman's story in year three: in his mid-twenties, just finding his way as protector, defender and Caped Crusader, while balancing his public persona as billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne.

"Living in Gotham, a metropolis where shadows run long and deep, beneath elevated train tracks and within a 150-year-old drainage system, this younger Batman will confront updated takes of familiar foes -- meeting each member of his classic Rogue's Gallery for the first time. From the likes of Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Riddler and Man-Bat, among others, the war on crime jumps to the next level with a new arsenal at the Dark Knight's disposal, all operated and linked by an advanced remote-controlled invention he dubs the 'Bat-Wave.'"

The Edge, guitarist for U2, is performing the series' theme song.

"Batman is one of animation's most recognizable and most popular characters," said Sander Schwartz, president of Warner Bros. Animation. "For decades, legions of fans throughout the world have enjoyed Batman comics, feature films, television series and made-for-video releases. The new series will continue this timeless tradition, while adding an exciting new interpretation that will appeal to current fans, as well as attract a whole new generation to the celebrated Batman franchise."

"The Batman is an important new addition to the Batman mythology, produced by our award-winning colleagues at Warner Bros. Animation," said Paul Levitz, president and publisher of DC Comics. "We look forward to working with them to make it the new creative benchmark for adventure animation, just as The Adventures of Batman set the tone for the field a decade ago."

"Batman has thrilled audiences for decades and we look forward to bringing a contemporary vision of this classic hero to a new generation," said John Hardman, senior vice president, programming, for Kids' WB!. "Kids' WB! is eager to work with the studio and help expand the scope of this timeless franchise."

"To me, this is a dream project. Batman is the ultimate action-adventure property, and I've been a fan all of my life," said Sam Register, senior vice president of original animation for Cartoon Network. "The characters will remain true to their heritage, but we're going to deliver an action-adventure show that will feel so fresh and stylish that today's kids will love it as much as we all did growing up. I think this new Batman animated series will be a show that kids and their parents will watch together.²

Comics Continuum has some excellent teaser pictures of the new show. They can be found Here

February 8, 2004

Julius Schwartz passes away
source: Newsarama

Some sad news to report. Former Bat-Editor and Comics Legend Julius Schwartz has passed away at 2:30 am due to complications from pneumonia.

Many Bat fans were probably too young to remember Schwartz but he was a very powerful editor at DC during the 50's. He revitalised characters like Flash and Green Lantern and was the architect of DC's multiverse. Schwartz became editor of Batman during the 60's and revitalised him as well. Schwartz took Batman from his sci fi adventuring persona of the 50's and brought him back down to Earth and focused on Batman's detective skills. One of his signatures on the character was giving him the yellow moon behind his bat-symbol.

The 60's was a significant era in Batman's history. First was the fact that Batman stories and art were beginning to mature with more complex storylines and realistic art. The other is the Batman TV show which also had an influence on the comics. Schwartz once recalled that someone from DC's head offices told him to make the comics campy like the show. Schwartz agreed and while sales of Batman comics went up, they derailed some of his best ideas for the character. When the TV series ended, Batman was on the verge on cancellation and Schwartz made the decision to revert the character back to his dark roots.

Schwartz oversaw Batman's return to his dark roots during the 70's and brought Denny O' Neill and Neal Adams to the character to help him out. Many Batman fans consider the 70's to be the most memorable of all.

Though I never met the man and wasn't around when he was editing comics, I've read about him many times and admired him for what he has done for not only Batman but comics as a whole.

At this time I'd like to express my condolences to Julius' family.-A.J

 Variety Articles Talk Batman
source: Variety

Variety has published an interesting article on the new Batman film. The article talks about Chris Nolan's take on the character, the differences between this film and the old.

Another Article also from Variety talks about DC's role in the new Batman film.

Both articles, in full can be found on Batman on Film's message forum. The First article is Here and the second is Here

Have the filmmakers found their Arkham
source: Variety


February 3, 2004

Rino Romano and Adam West to do voices in new Batman Animated show
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum is reporting that Rino Romano will be doing the voice of Batman in the new Batman animated show titled "The Batman". He will be joined by former Batman Adam West who announced on his website that he will be voicing the mayor of Gotham.

This isn't the first super hero Romano has voiced. He also did the voice of Spider-Man in Spider-Man Unlimited. They join the already cast Gina Gershon who will play Catwoman.

More on Chris Cooper turning down Gordon and Morgan Freeman newsbyte
source: Scarlet Carpet

Scarlet Carpet has some details as to why Chris Cooper turned down the role of Gordon. The Actor made this statement

“I read the script and decided the substance of the script and the character was not up to what I expected,”

Cooper will instead appear in Conquistador. A film written by his wife.

The site makes a brief mention about long rumoured actor Morgan Freeman. Freeman told the site that he may sign on for a part. Again he didn't say which part.

Sounds like Cooper isn't into comic book films