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One Oscar and Razzie Nomination for Batman Begins
source: Oscar

The Oscar Nominations are out and Batman Begins has been nominated for Cinematography. However Katie Holmes picked up a Worst Supporting Actress nomination from the Razzies

Looks like Katie Holmes attempts to win over Bat fans may have back fired -A.J

Infinite Crisis # 3 to get second printing
source: Comics Continuum

Part three of DC's Infinite Crisis was the first issue of the series to sell out. Now DC will be releasing a second printing which will have Jim Lee's cover in sketch form (Click on the Cover Below)


Wonder why they used Lee's cover especially since all of Perez's covers are far superior

January 28, 2006

Bob Schreck on Jason Tood
source: Newsarama

Outgoing Batman editor Bob Schreck talks about the upcoming Batman annual which will wrap up the Red Hood story. Schreck also talks about his days editing Batman and a little about DC's All Star Line


Batman Begins nominated for Three BAFTAS
source: BAFTA

Batman Begins has recieved three BAFTA nominations for Production Design, Sound and Visual Effects. Follow the link above to see what films it is going up against in these categories


January 25, 2006

Creative Team Rumours
source: Comic Book Resources

Some more speculation on some future talent that might end up in the Batman titles. Rich Johnston of Comic Book Resources is saying that Neal Adams will succeed Jim Lee as artist of All Star Batman and Robin while Paul Dini and Rags Morales (Identity Crisis) might work on one of the Batman titles after James Robinson's arc ends

UPDATE: Newsarama has confirmed that Paul Dini and Rags Morales will be the team on Detective Comics

All Star Batman and Robin makes 2005's top ten.
Diamond Distributors

All Star Batman and Robin was the top selling title of 2005. Part one beat out Company wide crossovers Infinite Crisis and House of M of DC and Marvel respectively. Part two also made the top 10 list at number eight

January 14, 2006

Peter Tomasi talks about Batman: One Year Later
source: Newsarama

Peter Tomasi has spoken to Newsarama regarding his editorial duties of Batman and Green Lantern. Tomasi also reveals that Both Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake will be retaining their roles as Batman and Robin respectively and other details.

Newsarama also has the cover to Infinite Crisis #7 and it can be found Here

Shane McCarthy talks about Batman
source: Pulse

New 'Tec writer Shane McCarthy has given his thoughts about his story arc and his thoughts about Batman to Pulse. Here are some snippets

THE PULSE: So if you had to sum it up, what is your story about?

McCARTHY: Men hitting each other really hard. Seriously though, it's about choices and sacrifice. When one of the world's worst serial killers is on the loose how far would you go to track him down and bring him in? Especially when the body count continues to climb at an alarming rate. What if your closest and dearest friend was one of the victims? Or more importantly what if that particular friend was the perfect bait? A lot of this cuts right into the emotional core of who Batman is for me and I have to say I was very happy with what I found there

THE PULSE: Who are some of your influences on this?

McCARTHY: Well it's hard to do any work on Batman without being influenced by the creators that defined the hero for you; Miller, Grant, Bruce. What I'll say though is that my influences for this were all of those moments I loved from years of reading and watching that defined Batman for me. Moments that showed his vulnerability, his strength, his creativity and his humour were all influences on this story. I'm not a fan of a Batman that can't smile and I'm not a fan of a Batman that doesn't have an element of humour in him, even a dark one. More importantly I'm not a fan of a Batman that can't feel without being angered by it. Yeah he can be angry, we get it. But there's more to the character than that.

The Full interview is Here

January 12, 2005

Batman Begins to be released on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has a list of Superhero films that will be released in the new DVD formats and Batman Begins is one of them. No date has been set for the Blu-Ray Begins but the HD-DVD version will be out March 28

Batman Begins nominated for Cinematography award
source: American Society of Cinematographers

While it didn't win a People's choice award, Batman Begins has recieved another nomination this time from the A.S.C Full details below

Batman Begins (Wally Pfister), "Brokeback Mountain" (Rodrigo Prieto), "Good Night, And Good Luck" (Robert Elswit), "King Kong" (Andrew Lesnie) and "Memoirs of a Geisha" (Dion Beebe) are nominees in the feature film competition of the 20th Annual American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievements Awards. The winner will be named during the ASC Awards gala on February 26 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

"The five finalists were nominated by their peers who believe that their artful and seamless cinematography contributed to the success of these compelling movies," says Russ Alsobrook, ASC who chairs the organization's Awards Committee.

The finalists were nominated for studio and independent films in genres ranging from action adventure to drama. The nominees are natives of the United States, Australia and Mexico.

This is the third ASC Award nomination for Lesnie, who was previously recognized for "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" in 2002 and "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" in 2004. Prieto was nominated for "Frida" in 2003. Beebe was nominated for "Collateral" last year. It's the first ASC nominations for Pfister and Elswit.

ASC was founded in 1919. There are currently 285 members, and 145 associate members working in ancillary sectors of the industry.


Gail Simon talks about BOP: OYL
source: Newsarama

DC's writers are still tight lipped about what will happen to their characters in a few months, but have dropped hints of what to expect in a couple of months. Gail Simone discusses a little about the Birds of Prey Here.


January 2, 2006

Batman Begins makes African American Film Critics top ten films of 2005
source: Black Talent News

The African American Film Critics Association recently released their top 10 films of 2005. Batman Begins made the list as 9th best along other films such as Crash, Brokeback mountain and Walk the Line