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DVD Review: World's Finest (The Batman Superman Movie)

The Batman/Superman movie. What a dopey title. Instead I will refer to this film by its real title "World's Finest". World's Finest is a collection of a three part Superman story which teams Batman with Superman.

World's Finest begins with The Joker stealing a Jade Dragon statue. Little does anyone (except Batman) realise that the statue is made of kryptonite which Joker plans on using to kill Superman  if Lex Luthor gives him a billion dollars. Batman goes to Metropolis where he develops a romance with Lois Lane (as Bruce Wayne) and forms an uneasy partnership with Superman to defeat their toughest foes.

Though it doesn't rank up there with SubZero and Mask of the Phantasm, World's Finest makes a good afternoon viewing. The film gives a modern non comic look at the Superman/Batman partnership. Unlike the old Superfriends episodes, Batman and Superman have a edgy relationship throughout the film. Superman doesn't trust Batman because he thinks Batman is unstable while Batman wants nothing to do with Superman. Through the film, both heroes discover that one has an advantage the other doesn't and they must use this to defeat Luthor and Joker. Their friendship is further complicated with Bruce's romance with Lois Lane. In comparison the relationship between Luthor and Joker is explored as well. The two villains are compared and contrasted through their methods. The writers also throw in some comic relief with a catfight between Clancy and Harley. These characterizations make up for the average story.

The video quality is par with the Animated Series DVD but below Subzero's. The movie shows no sign of retouching or improvements. The same is with the sound. The features on this disc are the same as those of the other Batman DVD's: A "how to draw Batman" montage, mini game, trailers, a video montage showing the development of the film and a commentary from Bruce Timm about the film.

World's Finest strength is in its characterizations and not its plot. However with that and the limited features, you may want to just rent this one.

Audio: 8/10
Video: 7/10
Features: 5/10
Film Rating:7/10
Overall: 7/10