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Adam West and Burt Ward to the rescue

Well considering how popular the show was, it would be fairly logical to make a movie. In this Movie Batman and Robin come face to face with the horrors of horrors:4 of thier biggest foes have joined together to take over the world. The Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman have already got thier hands on a sub and make things even worse when they turn the representatives of the United Word into powder. After surviving an attack from a rubber shark, a kidnapping from the 4 rogues and a bomb, Batman and Robin disable the sub and its 4 operators. However things take a turn for the worst when the test tubes containing the world leaders breaks. All eyes are on Batman and Robin as they attempt to restore the world leaders. The leaders are restored but their brains are mixed up and the Dynamic Duo go home.

This was a pretty silly movie but it was hilarious. Seeing Batman fighting the fake shark and running around with the bomb was definitely out of character, but then again the whole 60's take on Batman was out of character. The Storyline may have been outlandish but the thing about this movie is that the cast had a good time making it and it shows. I recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't mind a silly Batman, but to those who are adamant that Batman is dark 4 life stay away