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Batman Returns

it ain't that great

With the success of Batman, it was logical that there would be a sequel right. Tim Burton reluctantly returned to give another Batman movie. This time around Tim Burton gave "his" version of Batman.

Its Chrismas time and everyone is in a good mood. Including the Penguin. He is so happy that he sends his Red Triangle circus gang to terrorize the people of Gotham. However the Penguin appears as a savior when he later stages a kidnapping and plays the hero. The Penguin is Oswald Cobblepot, a giant mutant of a man with an oversized nose and flippers instead of hands. Oswald tells the people of Gotham of how he was dumped by his parents due to his mutations. He wins over everybody except for Batman who has doubts. While this is happening, things aren't going to well for Selina Kyle lowly secretary of Max Shreck. When Selina discovers her bosses corruption, she is thrown out of a window to her death but brought back to life by cats. She recreates herself as Catwoman and sides with Penguin who is busy running for Mayor. Together they discredit Batman by framing him for the ice princess's death and rigging his Batmobile. Batman in turn exposes Penguin for the fraud he is. Penguin tries to kidnap all of the first borns of Gotham but is thwarted by Batman. He then tries to get his penguins to bomb the city but is again stopped by Batman. In the end a battered Penguin dies of his wounds. Catwoman fries her old boss but her whereabouts are unknown.

Hmmmm... I couldn't wait to see this movie but when I did see it, I was disappointed. The performances were wonderful by all people involved, but the story was filled with flaws and stretched too far from the source material. Both Penguin and Catwoman have been rewritten and not for the better. Making the Penguin into a giant cold blooded psychotic mutant undermines the characters true meaning. Making Batman kill was another no-no. There are also several plot holes and questionable scenes such as the whole Batmobile subplot, Batman removing his mask in front of not one but two villains and the fact that Batman's name isn't cleared in the murder of the ice princess. Sadly Batman is again underwritten and has to deal with three overwritten villains.

Rating: 1/5