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Batman Forever

Schumacher's first and its great

When Batman Returns was released, it took a lot of heat from critics and parents for being too dark and violent. In fact, the biggest gripe everyone had about Burton's films was that they were too violent. Taking this into consideration, Warner decided that if there was to be a third film it would have to be different. As a result Joel Schumacher took over for Tim Burton. Schumacher said that he would provide a lighter approach to Batman. The director wasn't the only change that happenend. Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Elliot Goldenthal did the music replacing Danny Elfman.

The Story begins as Batman answers to a call from Jim Gordon about Two-Face. Two Face had recently escaped from Arkham and was beginning his reign of terror. Meanwhile, former Wayne Tech employee Edward Nygma schemes to get back at Bruce Wayne. Apparently Nygma is upset that his invention, a box which turns imagination into virtual reality, was shelved by Bruce due to safety reasons. Bruce also meets Chase Meridian, a psychologist who is in town to study Batman. Bruce, in an effort to know Chase better, takes Chase to a circus. Two Face holds up the circus and threatens to bomb it if Batman doesn't step out. Bruce stands up and says he's Batman but is unheard. The Grayson trapeze family tries to help out by getting rid of the bomb but they pay for their actions as Two Face causes them to fall to their deaths. Meanwhile Edward Nygma creates a name for himself as the Riddler. He sides with Two Face and as Edward Nygma sells his box on his own. The two rogues discover Bruce's secret and trash Wayne Manor and take Chase to an island base. Battered and defeated, Bruce begins his plans to save Chase. He starts by using an experimental Batsuit. Next Dick Grayson, in his own suit, comes to help out. Dick has chosen the name Robin, a name which his father once referred to him as when he helped his brother. Batman accepts Dicks offer of help and they make their way to the base by air (Batwing with Batman) and sea (Batboat with Robin) Robin is captured by the Riddler who gives Batman an opportunity to save only one. As Batman he can save Robin. As Bruce he can save Chase. Batman outsmarts the Riddler by destroying his power base and saves both. This damage to the power bases causes Riddler to go bonkers. Two face tries to stop Batman but he plunges to his death when Batman throws a handful of silver dollars to confuse his coin toss.

This was a good movie. despite the lighter (and sometimes irreverent) approach Schumacher keeps the dark aspect of Batman. The Interactions between Alfred and Bruce and Dick are the strong points of this movie. Schumacher wanted to establish a close bond between Bruce and Alfred and does a darn good job. Tommy Lee Jones' Two-Face was terrible. Jones was more of a Joker clone than a Two Face. Nicole Kidman wasn't that bad. Jim Carrey was pretty darn good as he played a Riddler which mirrored Frank Gorshin's 60' s version. Overall it was the character interactions that made this movie good. Chris O Donnel' and Val Kilmer were solid as Batman and Robin. The sets were ok though not as good as Burton's. The Visual effects were done by Video Game company Acclaim (which made a really terrible game of the movie)

The film does have its downsides. First off, the silly one liners slowly began to sow the seeds of worry amongst many fans. Fans feared that the franchise was shifting back to the 60's show again. Bruce's character was poorly written. Having Bruce walk away from Batman and shouting his secret in a crowded secret showed nothing but lack of knowledge among the writers. This however doesn't stop the movie from being a total waste and is an improvement over the poorly written Batman Returns.