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The Many Observations of
Batman Begins

Part 4:Final Thoughts: What could appear in a sequel

Now that Batman Begins is over, speculation is now beginning over its sequel. At this point nothing is set in stone but here are some thoughts on who might appear in future films

The Villains
-Based on the ending of the film, it is likely that the Joker will be the main villain of the next film. He is Batman's most infamous and greatest foe and would make a welcome reintroduction. It is highly unlikely that he'll be killed off this time around though.

-Harvey Dent/Two Face: Harvey might appear in the next film as an assistant D.A (To D.A Rachel Dawes?) David Goyer has stated that he plans on introducing Two Face in the third film but Harvey will need to be introduced first. It is possible that Nolan and Goyer will use Long Halloween as inspiration to show his descent to madness and his eventual transformation into Two Face

-Ra's Al Ghul and Scarecrow: It is possible that they might return in future films. Scarecrow is still alive and many fans have stated that they've seen Ra's jump out of the train. Either way given the way the character is in the comics, it is safe to say that Ra's is still alive. The only issue blocking his return is whether or not Liam Neeson chooses to return or is free to do the role. Same with Cillian Murphy

-Other villains: Batman has plenty of other villains but whether they have the power to carry a film remains to be seen. Villains that will appear for sure are Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler and Mr. Freeze as these are heavyweight rogues. The Clayface family, Bane (done right this time) and KGBeast could all provide for interesting films. Of course questions remain about villains like Mad Hatter and Ventriloquist in regards to whether they can carry a film and if the audience will take them seriously.

The Good people

Leslie Thompkins: The door is open for her introduction to the series. She could definitely provide a motherly side to Bruce since that was lacking in Batman Begins. Nolan and Goyer haven't entirely told Bruce's past so there is a place for her to be there. Leslie is a wonderful and favourite character of many fans and would make for some interesting scenes with her and Bruce.

Robin: This is an interesting one. The overall consensus among fans is that Robin should not appear in the films as he would lighten the tone of the films. Robin should appear but later down the line at least four or five films down the line. As far as him putting on screen, why not? If the likes of Loeb, O'Neil and Miller can write great stories with Robin, why not the film team? People will look differently at Robin's inclusion if he is done right this time.

Catwoman: Stories seem to get quite interesting with her around. However thanks to last years horrible Catwoman film, don't be surprised if she doesn't reappear in the film series for a long time. WB will wait a while for most people to forget it (if they haven't done so already) and reintroduce her the way she should have been.

Future Films

WB will definitely want Christopher Nolan back for the next two films. Unlike before, they are going to be very careful in handling the Batman series because another failure will put an end to Batman's days on the big screen for a very long time. Another factor is that DC and Marvel are now taking their rivalry to the big screen. Superman Returns is due out next year and both Wonder Woman and Flash are getting films. One idea for the Batman series is once Nolan is finished with directing, he will join his wife Emma Thomas and will oversea future films in the same way as Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson look after the James Bond Series.

Christian Bale will also likely return to do three more films. He could be convinced to do a fourth one but assuming his film career grows after Batman, he will leave after three. As to who is good enough to replace Christian? who knows....

The production values will be the same and Nolan will stick with the crew he used in this film. The Tumbler Batmobile will return but don't expect Batman to keep changing them all the time. The Batsuit will undergo improvements and changes design wise but don't expect the traditional black and gray anytime soon. For starters, Nolan has told the production team to improve the head movement on the suit.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it is safe to say that the film series is in good hands. In the hands of people who have taken the time to research the material and treat it with respect. For once, people are looking at Batman Begins and feel that it is to Batman what Superman: The Movie is to Superman. Those who wish to see a return to Tim Burton's style or his production crew will just have to accept the fact that this is a new director with his own vision of the character and his own direction and crew.