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The Many Observations of
Batman Begins

part 2: Goyer's first Draft: What didn't make it and what was added in

Around Spring of 2004, someone leaked the first draft of Batman Begins on the internet and those who had a file sharing program were able to download it and see what the film would be like. The script was David Goyer's first draft for the film. It has been said that up 70% of Goyer's draft made it into the final film. Here are some scenes which were changed or didn't make the final cut. It isn't clear if they were filmed or written out. Minor changes or dialogue alterations are not mentioned here as there quite a lot of changes there.

Also a special thank you to good friend Frank Dirscherl for checking and double checking this part. Frank has also created his own superhero character called The Wraith. Please take the time to visit his site and learn more about his creation. He and his creative team have put a lot of effort into their work and it shows

Removed Scene #1:
Note: This scene may have been in the film.

The flashback scene where Bruce returns to go to Joe Chill's parole hearing had a different intro. Alfred picks up Bruce from the train station which is now decayed and neglected.

Removed Scene #2:
A scene where Ducard makes Bruce climb up a wall. This scene was likely replaced with the scene where Bruce is being poked by those long poles.

Removed Scene #3:
After destroying Ra's temple and leaving Ducard with the old man, Bruce calls Alfred to pick him up. The little exchange where Alfred tells Bruce about it being a long time and looking fashionable is not in Goyer's script.

Removed Scene #4:
Alfred drives Bruce to Wayne Tower for his first meeting with Mr. Earle.

Removed Scene #5:
A small scene where Mr. Earle schemes to make sure the company will not fall into Bruce's hands. Parts of this scene were used in other parts of the final film. As well there is a scene where Bruce takes two of Earle's assistants for golfing. This part is in the final film where Bruce is playing golf with Earle's secretary but right before Bruce meets Earle.

Removed Scene #6:
Batman leaps on top of Judge Faden's car and gives him a good fright. He also delivers lines from Batman: Year One. Technically this is Batman's first appearance in the film with the scene at the docks following.

Removed Scene #7:
Gordon and Rachel have a small meeting which is interrupted by Bruce who invites Rachel to his party. The Gordon bit isn't in the final film but the bit with Rachel and Bruce talking about the party is added to another part of the final film.

Removed Scene #7:
Just before Gordon meets Batman outside his house, he has a small meeting with Flass.

Altered Scene # 8
Just before Bruce meets Earle, Earle is talking to Judge Phelan (who is renamed Judge Faden in the film)

Added Scene #1:
The Scene Where Bruce meets Rachel in the manor (before Joe Chill's parole hearing) was not in the script. Goyer had them meeting outside in Rachel's car.

Added Scene #2:
Scene in the temple where Bruce realises that Ducard's warriors were in the same room as he was.

Added Scene #3
Rachel is unhappy at the way Dr. Crane is getting all of Falcone's men shipped to Arkham.

Added Scene #4
Bruce pretends to be drunk and kicks his party guests out.

Added Scene #5
Batman lets Gordon borrow the tumbler. Gordon blowing up the tracks is another addition.

The following are scenes as they are in Goyer's first draft. They appear differently in the Final Film.

Altered Scene #1:
Bruce's encounter with Falcone is different here. He attacks his men only to be taken down by a bouncer who he tried to bribe earlier.

Altered Scene #2
Right after Bruce Wayne inhales that smoke and is tested by Ducard and the Ninjas'. Ducard is the one, not Ra's, who tells Bruce that he must lead the shadow warriors to destroy Gotham. The part where Bruce is asked to execute the murderer is not in Goyer's draft. It's clear that the scene was changed so that Ra's Al Ghul would have more of a speaking role.

Altered Scene # 3
Just a rearranging of scenes. Fox chides Bruce for treating him like an idiot before he is shown the fabric that Bruce uses for his cape. The introduction of the tumbler follows.

Altered Scene #5
Batman's first encounter with Rachel is actually at her apartment when he interrupts her sleep and gives her the pictures. The final film has Batman saving her from some thugs in a subway.

Altered Scene #6
Finch doesn't die in Goyer's draft. It is a hapless customs agent who takes the fall.

Altered Scene #7
After Bruce is gassed, Alfred sends his blood to a distant lab for tests. Afterwards, Bruce takes the results to Fox to ask him about it. He also asks him about the device that was stolen on the ship. The final film has Alfred going directly to Lucius who does the tests.

Altered Scene #8
After he saves Rachel, the script simply had Bruce telling Alfred to take Rachel home and Alfred tells Bruce to wipe the black paint off his eyes. In the final film, Alfred chides Bruce for his thrill ride and Bruce refers to his adventure as "Damn good television"

Altered Scene #9
Earle "fires" Lucius at Bruce's party.

Altered Scene #10
Rachel administers the antidote to Gordon. The Final Film has Gordon doing it himself.

Altered Scene #11
A rehired and promoted Lucius and Earle have a meeting outside the Wayne building. The dialogue is the same as it is in the final film but only in a different location. Bruce drives up to Earle to give him the good news here.