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The best there is.... and the best there ever will be

Unknown to most people, Plans for a Batman movie date as far back as 1983 when Jon Peters and Peter Guber obtained  the rights to make one. The reason for the delay revolved around Peters and Guber going to WB with the rights and finding the right director. After Tim Burton came aboard in 1986, filming went underway and the film was finished just in time for a summer release in a year which marked Batman's 50'th birthday.

The movie begins with Batman saving a family from being mugged. At the same time, reporter Alexander Knox is doing a report on sightings of a 6 ft Bat in Gotham city. He is joined by Vicky Vale, a freelance photographer who is in Gotham to do a profile on Bruce Wayne. The Underworld is also shaken as Carl Grissom is killed by the Joker formerly Jack Napier. Jack had been seeing Carl's woman Alicia which the crime boss did not like. He tries to set Jack into a trap but the plan takes a twist when Batman arrives. during the melee, Jack falls into a toxic vat and is disfigured by the chemicals which cause him to go insane. The Joker begins to spread his terror by tainting cosmetics which kill anyone who wears them, gassing a museum and having his men open fire on Gotham's citizens. While investigating the Joker, Bruce discovers that the Joker killed his parents long ago. He destroys the Jokers hideout but the Joker escapes and takes part in Gotham's bicentennial. The Joker wins the crowd over by tossing money at them. The money is fake but when the crowd discovers this, the Joker unleashes his gas from balloons. Batman arrives in the Batwing and removes the balloons only to be shot down by the Joker who then captures Vicki and takes her up a cathedral with Batman following close behind. After getting his clocked cleaned by Batman, the Joker tries to escape by helicopter but falls to his death when his legs are strapped to a gargoyle by Batman; the weight of the which pulls him to his death. The Movie ends with the Mayor, D.A and Jim Gordon showing the citizens a Bat symbol to call Batman if Gotham was in danger.

Out of the four live action Batman movies, BATMAN is still the best. The film is surrounded by exceptional performances by Nicholson, Keaton and Basinger. Couple that in with the gothic sets, the gloomy background and the amazing Batmobile making this a very pleasing movie to look at. Jack Nicholson does a wonderful job of portraying the Joker and reflects his insanity quite well at times and tends to overdo it at others. Keaton also did a great job playing both Bruce and Batman albeit the fact that he was (and still is ) miscast. The 5'10, balding Keaton looked nothing like the Bruce Wayne that fans have known. Another reason to give Keaton credit is that he did wonderful with what little he had. A lot of people often overlook the fact that Keaton's role as Bruce/Batman was seriously underwritten to make way for the Joker. In fact, Batman/Bruce's screen time is a quarter than the Joker's which is quite a shame considering the name of the movie is BATMAN and not JOKER. Despite this giant flaw, the film does have a higher quality than its successors.

Rating: 4.5/5