Batman Family

Vesper Fairchild

Real Name:
Occupation: Former Radio show host. Journalist
Base Of Operations: Gotham
Marital Status: Deceased
Height: *5'6
Weight: *115 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Orange

Vesper Fairchild was a popular Radio show host in Gotham city. When she invited Bruce Wayne onto her show, little did she realise what would happen next. Vesper dated Bruce, but their relationship was cut short by the earthquake causing her to leave Gotham. During her time away, she pursued a career in journalism.

Vesper returned to Gotham and resumed her relationship with Bruce Wayne. She also started to do a story on Batman which lead her close to cracking Bruce's secret. Bruce ended his relationship early to throw her off the trail. Vesper was then lured into a trap by David Cain who killed her and ended up framing Bruce for her murder.