Batman Family

Jason Todd (Robin II)

REAL NAME: Jason Todd
STATUS: Deceased
HEIGHT:  6 ft (Approximate)
WEIGHT:180 lbs (Approximate)
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
Jason Todd was Batman's second squire. His life was a very difficult one. His father was a criminal who worked for Two-Face and while his Stepmother (who he thought was his real mother) loved him, she succumbed to an illness when he was very young. Things didn't get better for Jason's father either. He was murdered by Two-Face leaving Jason to fend for himself.

Jason supported himself by boosting tires and selling them in Crime alley. One day Jason tried to boost the tires of the Batmobile and was caught by Batman. Batman took pity on the boy and took him home where he later revealed his secret to him.

Bruce's decision to train Jason was made due to the fact that he was still reeling over Dick Grayson's departure. Jason in many ways filled that void. Jason responded to Bruce's offer enthusiastically and became the second Robin.

However, things didn't work out as well as they should have. Jason became more and more reckless as Robin. He disobeyed orders, become impulsive and often showed disrespectful behaviour towards Bruce. Jason's behaviour would lead to his undoing. While on a mission to find his real mother in Africa, Jason disobeyed Batman's orders to avoid the Joker and paid for it dearly. He was beaten severely by the Joker and was unable to escape from a cabin rigged with a Bomb. Jason's death has haunted Batman for many years.

Years later to Batman's surprise , Jason Todd returned from the dead and has taken up the role as the new Red Hood. Jason was revived when Superboy Prime, a survivor of a lost world, started punching away at his "heaven" which sent shockwaves into the DCU changing the histories of many heroes including Jason.