Batman Family


REAL NAME: Stephanie Brown
OCCUPATION: High School Student
STATUS: Deceased
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 110 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
Stephanie Brown's whole life has been a struggle. Her mother is a recovering drug addict and her father is a criminal who use to call himself the Cluemaster. Ashamed of her father's ways, Steph decided to make amends by becoming a vigilante and helping Batman and Robin capture him.

Since then she has continued to work as a vigilante sometimes alongside Robin even though Batman wouldn't approve. Steph's lack of experience has nearly cost her life many times which is why she teams with Robin more often than not. At one point, she became pregnant with an ex boyfriend's baby but gave it up for adoption.

At one point Batman welcomed her into his group and she teamed with the Birds of Prey but was let go since it was decided that she didn't have the proper training or skill to be a crime fighter. This setback hasn't stopped her from continuing on as the Spoiler.

Stephanie tried again to win Batman's attention by taking over the role of Robin after Tim retired from the role. Again she failed. Determined to show Batman that she was as good as his other allies, Stephanie hacked into his computer and stole a war games simulation Batman created only to throw Gotham into a full fledged gang war. Stephanie would pay dearly for her mistakes as she would try to go up against Black Mask solo only to be shot and killed.