Batman Family

Shondra Kinsolving

(Bio by Scott with additional info by AJ)
Real Name:

Occupation: Doctor Psychic
Base Of Operations: Gotham
Marital Status: Single
Height: *5'9
Weight: *115 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Shondra is a doctor with a secret, she has a hidden ability to cure people but has neither told anyone nor ever used it.

Shondra met Bruce Wayne when he was dealing with exhaustion and helped to look after him after he was injured by Bane. Before Bruce could commit to her, her half brother Benedict kidnapped her and turned her abilities to evil uses.

Asp revealed Shondra's healing powers and along with his own psychic powers used her to telekinetically kill an entire village. Bruce eventually defeated Benedict, but the events traumatised Shondra. Her psyche regressed back into childhood but not before she healed Bruce's back.

Shondra has been in the care of a foster family and is slowly recovering from her ordeal.