Batman Family

Sasha Bordeaux

Real Name:
Occupation: Former Bodyguard, Gov't agent
Base Of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: single
Height: *5'10
Weight: *120 lbs
Eyes: brown (formerly blue)
Hair: brown (formerly blonde)

Sasha Bordeaux's life had a tragic start when her parents were killed in a bombing. With no other family, she drifted from place to place until she was old enough to take care of herself. In her adult years Sasha trained in firearms and self defense to be a body guard.

Sasha's first job was to protect Bruce Wayne at the request of Lucius Fox. Bruce decided to turn this to his advantage when he made Sasha believe that she discovered his secret. Bruce trained her to be his apprentice. Sasha soon began to realise that she was falling in love with Bruce. Before she could tell him, both were arrested for the death of Vesper Fairchild. Though Bruce was cleared, Sasha was left in jail.

During a scuffle with another prisoner, Sasha was severely wounded and would have died from her injuries but the mysterious government agency Checkmate made her "disappear" they revived her and gave her a job with a new name and look. Sasha forever walked away from Bruce feeling that it is best for both of them but has vowed not to reveal his secret.

Sasha would meet Batman again after her boss Maxwell Lord (The Black King) murdered Blue Beetle. Sasha helped Batman disable the OMACS which Lord created to eliminate the Meta Humans on Earth