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Sarah Essen Gordon

(bio written by Scott)
Real Name:
Sarah Essen Gordon
Base Of Operations: Gotham City
Weight: *120lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red


After her transfer to Gotham, Sarah received an odd assignment: helping fellow out-of-towner Lieutenant James Gordon track down a mysterious vigilante called the Bat-man. As they worked together on the case, Gordon found himself more and more attracted to her. The problem: he was married, with a baby on the way. Despite this, they fell deeply in love, and carried on an affair for months before Gordon finally called their romance off. Sergeant Essen got a transfer to New York City.

During her time in the Big Apple, Sarah married a police officer, who was later killed during a drug bust. Seeking a change of scene, she transferred back to Gotham, returning to the city's police force after about eight years away. Gordon and his wife had divorced in the meantime. Now reunited, Sarah and Jim rekindled their romance.

After nearly dying from a heart attack, Jim wasted no time in proposing marriage to Sarah. They married on the sinking yacht of a crime lord, taking their vows before a corrupt judge who was running for mayor.

Sarah didn't like the idea of having to work with Batman feeling that he was problematic. However as time passed, she began to realise how important he was to the city. When Jim, angered that Batman kept leaving other people to pose as Batman, refused to work with him, Sarah was temporarily made commissioner of the Gotham PD.

On Christmas Day during No Man's Land, Sarah discovered the Joker amidst dozens of kidnapped infants at GCPD headquarters. Trying to catch a child the Joker had dropped, she was shot and killed at point blank range.