Batman Family



REAL NAME: Richard (Dick) John Grayson
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
Dick Grayson lived the first few years of his life on a circus. He and his parents were an acrobat group called the Flying Graysons. When the circus came to Gotham, a gang boss named Tony Zucco tried to get protection money from the owner but failed. He later got his revenge by severing the acrobat ropes which resulted in the death of Dick's parents. Bruce Wayne, who was at the circus, related Dick's loss to his own, adopted him and a year later revealed his secret to him. He trained Dick to be his partner and named him Robin. Unlike Bruce, Dick's training was a lot shorter because he didn't have to go all over the world like Bruce did and Dick's acrobatic skills helped his training.

Dick's days as Batman's partner came to an end when he was shot by the Joker and was forced into retirement. Dick returned a short time later then shed the Robin persona to become Nightwing. He led the group called the TITANS but problems in his marriage to Titan Starfire and other problems eventually led to him being stripped of his leadership.

He returned to Gotham and became Batman for a while and once again became Nightwing afterwards. Nightwing for a few years took up residence in the city of Bludhaven until it was destroyed by the villain Chemo.

Other info
-Dick Grayson was created by Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson at the request of Bob Kane.

-In 1969, to accommodate Batman's return to his dark roots, Dick was written out of the comics in a story where he left for Hudson University. Dick would later return to aid Batman at times.

-In 1981, Marv Wolfman and George Perez made Dick the leader of the Teen Titans. A group of heroes who were sidekicks to the main heroes. Dick would also shed the Robin persona and become Nightwing.

-Nightwing has appeared twice in non comic mediums. First was on the Batman: Gotham Knights show and then in an episode of Teen Titans.

-Like Bruce, Dick also has dated many women. The most notable is Titan Starfire. He has also had a brief relationship with Barbara Gordon as well