Batman Family

Michael Akins

Written by Scott with additional info by AJ
Real Name:
Michael Akins
Base Of Operations: Gotham city
Marital Status: Single
Height: *6'
Weight: *175 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Michael Akins was chosen to replace long time and outgoing Police Commissioner James Gordon.

Akins is an honorable man, an idealist beaten down by reality and, basically, a potential asset. However, he did create a stir when he worked with Internal affairs to determine whether or not Harvey Bullock may have been responsible for the death of the man who shot James Gordon.

Akins is not fond of cooperating with Batman, even though sometimes he is forced to. His reluctance to work with Batman stems from an incident in the past when a street vigilante botched a rescue attempt of a kidnapped child. Both the vigilante and the child were killed and Akins blamed himself for sanctioning the act.

During the gang war, Akins patience with Batman reached breaking point when Batman assumed control of the GCPD and caused many casualties to the GCPD. Akins declared Batman a fugitive but shortly afterwards he was removed due to corruption allegations and replaced by his predecessor