BatMAN family

Jeremiah Arkham

Occupation: Arkham Asylum Proprietor, Head Physician
Base Of Operations: Gotham
Height: 5'10*
Weight: 175 lbs*
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Jeremiah Arkham is the nephew of Amadeus Arkham who opened Arkham Asylum in 1921. Arkham is a man who is truly commited to his patients and despite their crimes and profiles feels that they can be rehabilitated.

Arkham's techniques include using aversion therapy and behaviourism. Though he is well respected and seems undaunted by his work, there are some who feel that one day Jeremiah may end up as a patient himself as mental illness runs in his family.

Other information
-Arkham Asylum was created in honor of Elizabeth Arkham, Jeremiah's grandmother who was mentally ill. Amadeus Arkham was commited after his wife and daughter were murdered by a felon named Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins