Batman Family

James Gordon

REAL NAME: Jim Gordon
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 168 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: White (Formerly Brown)
After leaving the Chicago police force under shady circumstances, Jim Gordon transferred to the Gotham P.D. where he became lieutenant. Jim was faced with a very corrupt police force and decided to clean it up. When the corrupt cops learned of this, they tried everything from threats, assaults, murder, blackmail (They were going to show his wife pictures of him and another lieutenant having an affair) and kidnapping (his son) Jim stood up to this but lost his wife in the end (she left him after he confessed to her about his affair) 

Jim's competence made him police commissioner and in this role he continued to make sure that the force was clear of corruption. He has also formed an alliance with Batman feeling his presence has actually helped the city.

In the last few years Gordons life had gone through some problems as he lost his wife at the hands of the Joker and was nearly killed himself when he was shot by a disgruntled member of his force. These events have led to Gordon retiring from the force but he was reinstated years later after his successor was removed due to corruption.