Batman Family

The Creeper

(bio written by Scott)
Real Name:
Jack Ryder
Occupation: Adventurer
Base Of Operations:
Gotham City and Boston, Massachusetts
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes: Black (Blue as Ryder)
Hair: Green (Black as Ryder)

An outspoken television host, Jack Ryder was fired for his controversial opinions. Taking a job as a security investigator, Ryder was assigned to protect the Russian scientist Dr. Yatz, who had devised two inventions; a healing serum and a molecular transducer which rendered solid matter weightless and invisible.

When his mission failed Ryder assembled a hasty disguise from odds and ends to infiltrate a costume party attended by the kidnappers. Discovered, he was stabbed and taken prisoner. Dr. Yatz injected him with his healing serum and implanted his molecular transducer into Ryder's wound, which completely healed moments later.

Using his new found abilities Ryder overcame the kidnappers. Realizing his bizarre appearance gave him an edge over opponents he decided to play the role of the madman called the Creeper.