Batman Family



REAL NAME: Selina Kyle
OCCUPATION: Professional thief, Adventuress
STATUS: single
HEIGHT:  5'7 (Approximate)
WEIGHT:125 lbs (Approximate)
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
For Selina Kyle, her early childhood was the beginning of her choosing her path in life. Her childhood was very difficult because both her parents lacked any capacity to raise her properly. She had an alcoholic father and a suicidal mother. Later Orphaned, she was placed in a state home but things weren't better here either as she was abused by the headmistress.

Selina escaped the school lived on the streets making money through prostitution. Eventually she decided that she was going to find other ways survive. She found an underground dojo where she learned martial arts. Afterwards Selina created a Cat costume and went by the name Catwoman (Probably due to her love for cats)

Catwoman has often used her skills to steal priceless items and jewels which she would use to help support herself. She has to rely on her wits to evade the authorities and even Batman.

Though she mostly commits capers to suit her own needs, Selina has at times taken time to help people who are in need though she won't admit her good deeds.

Other info

-Catwoman's primary weapons are her Cat O' Nine tails whip and retractable claws in her gloves.
-Selina enjoyed a romance with Bruce Wayne during the early 80's. However due to the restart of the timelines, these stories were invalidated though recently it appears that they have been reinstated into Batman canon.