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Mackenzie Bock

(bio written by Scott)
Real Name:
Mackenzie Bock
Occupation: Police Officer/Captain
Base Of Operations: Gotham City
Height: *6'
Weight: *180lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


Mackenzie "Harback" Bock has been part of the GCPD for a long time. Mac was nicknamed Hardback because of his constant reading habit. He used to work side by side with Sarah Essen and they were partnering by the time Montoya was kidnapped by Cell 6 while working on a decoy mission. Soon his responsabilities had him out of the streets and into an office. He was until recently the head of the organized crime unit of the Gotham City Police Department He was promoted to chief when Gordon retired after being shot by Jordan Rich.

Other Info
-Bock was given the nickname "Hardback" by Bullock due to Bock's preference of Hardback books.