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Real Name: N/A
Occupation: Batman's #1 interdimensional fan
Base Of Operations:
Gotham City and his own unknown dimension
Height: *2'
Weight: 50lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: N/A

Batman has many fans and admirers but none is more bizarre and unique as Bat-Mite. Bat-Mite watched Batman in his fight against evil and decided to help his hero out. However, Batman believed that Bat-Mite would be more of a hinderance then help and declined. Batman was right.

Bat-Mite was nothing but trouble for Batman. He would constantly put him in harrowing situations and if he thought an obstacle was too easy for Batman, he would make it even harder. Bat-Mite never intended to hurt Batman or Robin, he only wanted to see his hero triumph even if it put Batman in constant danger.