BatMan family


Real Name: Lonnie Machin
Occupation: Anarchist
Base Of Operations: Gotham
Height: 5'8*
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Lonnie Machin's childhood was like most other children. He had two loving parents, a warm household and stable income.  There was nothing in his personal life that suggested something was wrong.

Or was there.....

Lonnie had a pen pal who lived in a country torn by war and dictatorship. Through his pen pal, Lonnie learned that while he and everyone in the U.S enjoyed comfort, people on the other side of the world struggled to make it to the end of the day.  After a while, the letters stopped and Lonnie became suspicious. He learned that his pen pal and his family were murdered by their country's regime. Lonnie was determined to learn more about his Pen Pal and his family.

The Research would deeply affect Lonnie. He came to the realisation that the world was full of corrupt power hungry dictators who used their own people as pawns. He broke away from his comfort lifestyle and has devoted his life to making people realise the evils of political power. Machin's actions however have put him in trouble with the law and Batman a person that Machin thinks is misguided and is dealing with the results of crime and not the causes.