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Indy Filmmakers to give their own dose of Batman

by AJ

4 live action movies, 2 animated movies and one TV series based. Now get set for another Batman movie. This one, by a  Independent filmmakers.

BATMAN: Shadow of the Bat is a movie project headed by Devries dimensions and Fabio2 productions. Both studios are working together to give the definitive Batman movie by improving on some of the flaws of the live action movies. Currently the project is set to start filming in May 2000 and should be completed by May 2001. The film will feature Batman, Nightwing and Fan Favourite Silver St. Cloud. Currently, the Scarecrow is set to be the villain.

Now before anyone thinks that this is just some film made by a group of people with Batman costumes and camcorders, think again. The production, albeit a smaller budget, will have a full cast, stunt people and special F/X technicians. The goal of the filmmakers is to make a Batman movie that respects the source material and at the same time tell a good story. They are no doubt hoping that fans will look around the limitations and see the movie for its quality.

In addition to Batman, Silver and Scarecrow, Other well known characters such as Bullock, Jim Gordon, Lucious Fox and Alfred will all appear in the movie with small parts to make the movie as close to the comics as possible.

Expect more details as they come.