Contest Entry #1 

Submitted by:  Steven Ritchie

Name: Psy-clo

Age: ???

Appearance: Dressed in black/dark purple robes, he seems to seep into the shadows of the night.  His natural form is unknown.

Weapons/Powers: He watches his prey from the shadows of a person's own mind.  He can place other people's fears into strangers.  If close enough, he can create a mindlink and switch bodies with the person, becoming them.  

Reason for opposing Batman: With Batman, he sees a mind with just as much power as his own will.  That is just what he wants, to mind link and become Batman himself, showing that the only one smarter than himself is himself.

Profile: His history is clouded in mystery.  It is unknown if Psy-clo even knows truly who he is.  He has mindlinked so many times and with so many different people that he has gained intelligence and willpower, but has lost his own person.