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Who is Bill Finger?

by AJ

If you ask Batman fans "Who created Batman ?" chances are they will tell you "Bob Kane". However if you ask fans, mostly those who know Batman through film or television, who Bill Finger is, chances are they won't know who he is. To add to that, they will not be aware of his importance to the character.

Bill Finger is a very important person to Batman. Finger is the unofficial co-creator of Batman however there some fans and even comic talent who feel that Finger is the true creator of Batman. While this article isn't to debate this, it is however to give people insight into this legendary comic creator.

Bill Finger grew up in ............ While growing up Finger aspired to be a writer and tried his hand at writing pulp stories. He finally got his break when his good friend Bob Kane came to him to show his idea. Kane was asked to create a superhero character to compliment Superman. Kane's rough idea of Batman had him wearing a red body suit with a domino mask (A mask like the one Robin wears) no gloves and with wings attached to his hands. Kane wanted Finger's inputs and opinions on the character. Finger suggested that Batman's suit be black and grey which was later turned to blue due to crude printing processes, gave Batman scalloped gloves, replaced his eye mask and wings with a cowl and cape one change that affected comics as a whole: removing the eyes from the mask.

Finger's influence on the character didn't end there. He also came up with the Bruce Wayne which he took from ......... and Mad Anthony Wayne. He changed Batman's city from New York and went on to write some of the early stories. Finger was also responsible for the creation of Robin when Kane came up with the idea of giving Batman a partner who would watch his back and help him solve crimes.