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More Indy Bat-films in the making

by AJ

Last year I posted some information on a Batman film that was being developed by my good friend Fabio2. Titled Shadow of the Bat, the film was set for a 2001 release and would have featured Batman and Nightwing going up against Scarecrow and Harley Quinn. 

This year I have come across two more individuals who are planning to make their own Batman films. 

First up is Mathieu Auclair. A Montreal native who has been busy for the last two years to realize his dream of making a Batman film. For Mathieu it was his intention of making movies, the first of which would be a Batman film. However, it took the passing of a very important person in his life and a bad summer job for him to finally get started.

Though Mathieu knew what he wanted to do, the development of the film was a bumpy one. Problems with actors, a waning interest and other priorities eventually brought the project to a halt.

However, it took a personal movie project that eventually saw Mathieu to breathe new life into his project.

Production has since restarted on Mathieu's movie. Some of the people who worked on his personal movie are involved with this project and he is starting from scratch. Though he originally had planned to use the Joker and Harley, the main villain will be Catwoman, but the Joker still isn't out of the running yet. 

Meanwhile across the Atlantic in the UK, Paul J. Wares is busy preparing his own film. Paul's film is currently in the developing processes but he has let everyone know that he would appreciate help from other people as well. In particular, Paul has asked Bat-fans who have knowledge in CGI animation to do some work for him. If there are any of you who do have this knowledge email me and I'll forward your email to Paul

I'll have more details on Paul's film as he gives them to me.

I'll have interviews with both men, but for now take a look at some of these pictures.

Mathieu Auclair's 

-Pre production art # 1
-Pre production art # 2
-Still # 1
-Still # 2

Paul J. Wares'

-Movie Poster

Just note, none of these pictures are mine. Please do not use these on your site.