Short but Sweet: Veteran short filmmaker takes on Batman.

by AJ

Though he has been making small films for most of his life, Paul J Wares feels that now is the time to give the world his interpretation of the Dark Knight. An interpretation that he feels is a faithful one.

When he is not making films, Paul is doing technical lecturing in media studies. As of now he has already done several small movies. Of those, he considers a thriller called "Project Alchemy" his crowning achievement.

As for his Batman film, Paul will not be doing a full fledged story where he battles one his rogues, but rather a small character driven story that will bring Batman face to face with the one responsible for his parents death; Joe Chill. In addition, the film will feature Jim Gordon and Bruce's parents Thomas and Martha.

For his production crew, he will have a small professional crew and will shoot the film using digital video. Green screen photography will also be used to enhance the experience.

The film will be complete in Fall 2001.